Skincare Customer Laying Down

Top Signs You Have a Future in Skincare

If you’re one of those people who believes the expression beauty is skin deep means you need good cleanser, toner and moisturizer, you might have a future in skincare or esthetics! The wellness industry is an important part of the beauty industry as a whole and skilled estheticians are essential to providing the high quality skin care and esthetics services clients want. Estheticians are trained to perform a variety of services including: chemical peels, facial treatments, massage, micro-dermabrasion, eyelash extensions, make-up techniques and even hair removal. So what are some of the telltale signs you might be right for a career in skincare or esthetics?

  1. Your collection of skin care products is so large it needs its own zip code.
  2. You keep a magnifying mirror in your bathroom, your purse, and your car.
  3. You buy refills of your favorite skin care products before the bottle reaches the halfway mark.
  4. You’ve always been the go-to in your circle for skin care or make-up advice.
  5. You are always the first one to try the latest skincare product.
  6. You are legendary for giving a world class facial, just for fun.
  7. You get a great feeling making other people look and feel their best.
  8. When your friends have a break-out, you feel almost as bad as they do and always have the right product to help.
  9. You’ve always been a good listener, even when Aunt Gertie talks about her cat “Bootsie.”

Throw in compassion and people skills and you may have all the traits of an excellent esthetician. Does this sound like you? Well then it may be time to consider download supersu pro apk putting your passion for great looking, healthy skin to work for you! The talented professionals working in this niche of the beauty industry are not only changing the face of beauty one fabulous face at a time; they’re helping to perfect the science of skincare and esthetics and changing the way we think about caring for our skin. If you are considering a career in skincare, contact your local state licensing board to learn what the requirements are in your state and make sure you choose an accredited school with a great track record to give your future in skincare the best possible start!