born to be a cosmetologist

Top Reasons You Were Born to be a Cosmetologist

Have you always been the go to guru in your circle of friends for style tips? Do you look at total strangers and give them “make-overs” in your head? Or maybe your collection of hair products is so big, it needs its own zip code? If this sounds like you, then a career as a cosmetologist might be just right for you! Let’s face it, people want to feel good and that starts with looking good! The cosmetologists of today are skilled artists who thrive on being on the cutting edge of all the latest trends and are setting trends of their own too! So what does it take to join the ranks of beauty professionals out there changing the world, one great haircut at a time?

  • Creativity – Were you the kid that gave Barbie a haircut better than most of your friends had? Your style was legendary and you had a knack for coming up with a look that made people, well, look! Creativity is the cosmetologist’s best friend and will serve you well as you build a book of clients from all walks of life with very diverse ideas about what looks good.
  • People skills – You are the unofficial “therapist” to all your friends and can listen to everything from boyfriend woes to long stories about Aunt Betty’s cat. Sounds simple but being able to engage with your client and get to know them and what makes them tick… can lead to lifetime loyalty.  You can be a master of the blow dryer like no other, but if you haven’t mastered good old fashioned customer service and people skills, your book of clients will suffer.
  • Adept at most techniques – You are a veritable ninja with a brush, blow dryer and flat iron and anxious to learn any new trick the beauty industry unveils. Manual dexterity is an important quality for a cosmetologist and can help you hone and expand your skill set.
  • Impeccable grooming and personal style – Looking your best is not an option in your book, it’s mandatory. It’s a fact that the visual world we live in makes it important to face the day looking and feeling good. Your clients’ perception of you is in part based on what you project. So always project your best!

A talented cosmetologist embodies many or all of the above characteristics and fortunately, the world is full of fabulous stylists who are out there keeping the rest of us on our stylish toes. Could that be you? If you always dreamed of a career making other people look their best, check out the opportunities the beauty industry has to offer!  To learn about accredited cosmetology schools in your area, contact your local state licensing board for more information.