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Top Fall Hairstyles For Men

Today’s man is just as interested in style trends as his female counterpart. Let’s face it folks, it’s a fashion forward world where we all want to stand out. So what does fall have in store for today’s trend-conscious guy?

We can tell you it’s out with the man bun and in with all things texture! Undercuts – cut in a whole new way, fades that push the envelope of what a fade is, the “Peaky Blinders” super cool undercut with a textured top… there are so many options for fall this year!  If you were born with glorious, rolling waves, you’re in luck! The slicked back Don Draper look is out and your natural hair texture is in.  The nuances are subtle… the classic long on top with a side part and short sides and back gets a makeover with some definition and a good low shine hair pomade.  The high fade that literally goes all the way to the skin is that clean look you might be craving! There are a myriad of options and everything from a wash and go style that welcomes texture to a piecey finish achieved by simple finger styling and the right product.

And ladies…men use blow dryers too!  Hair is hair. And using a hot blow dryer and working the hair in sections is the same regardless of gender. However, best kayak review it may go a lot quicker on those manly, shorter styles.  And yes, the finale of that cool blast and a good finishing product is just as critical to getting that smooth, polished look!

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