putting the man in manicure

Shore – Putting the Man in Manicure

In today’s very visual world, it seems that clothes are not the only thing that make the man. Its true gentlemen.  A man in the finest, tailored Armani suit with perfectly shined shoes and impeccably groomed hair will still elicit raised eyebrows and expressions of horror if his nails look like he just clawed his way out of a coal mine. Yes, a man needs a good manicure too. And like so many beauty treatments and trends that have become gender neutral, a good mani-pedi is not just for the ladies any more. After all, sometimes it is virtually a job requirement! For instance, have you ever looked at your doctor’s nails? Your dentist? Do you think you’d feel quite the same if they sported ragged, unkempt nails that screamed, “I don’t really care about the details.” Or how about the waiter or bartender at your favorite restaurant? Can you picture your reaction to that delicious plate of shrimp scampi or your favorite martini being delivered by a man channeling Conan the barbarian through his fingernails! Right! Enough said.

So where do the dudes go to get equal treatment for their digits? Just as beauty products for men have developed into a large and growing niche of the beauty industry, nail salons that cater to the boys are on the rise. Quirky joints like – The Boardroom Salon for Men, American Male Spa and Hammer and Nails, have sprung up around the country and offer spa services designed for men with treatments like “Big Daddy Aromatherapy” and a “Gun Oil Manicure.”

If you’re a really adventurous guy, you may even try to get in touch with your inner rock star with some 80’s glam hair band color on your nails! It really is a brave new world. But if you’re interest is purely to be boardroom ready and to stop your partner from complaining about your unmentionable nails, a simple cuticle trim and clean-up with a buff and shine finish might be all you need! Whether you’re a blackjack dealer or concert pianist, sometimes the hands are a direct reflection of how you face the world.  So go get that manly manicure fellas and face the world with your hands held high!

Have you always wanted to work in an industry that is built around making people look and feel great? Maybe a career in the beauty industry would be a good fit for you! Whether you are interested in nail technology, esthetics or cosmetology, the options are virtually endless. For information on the beauty schools and programs available in your area, contact your local state licensing board. It’s a beautiful thing to earn a living doing what you love!