Shore – It’s a New Year! Who will you be in it?

Some say the secret to getting ahead is just getting started. And many of us start on New Year’s Eve with a resolution – to lose weight, give up smoking, start a new career or a myriad of other things with the goal of, well, reaching our goal! Maybe you’ve always dreamed of working in the exciting world of beauty, but didn’t know were to start? Well, there’s no better time to dive in than on the cusp of a whole new set of 365 days to get it right! So, if your New Year’s resolution is to change your life by doing something you love for a living, we’ve got some suggestions for mapping out the perfect strategy to reaching your goals and making this the year of a whole new you!

Hone in on a niche – You know you want to work in the beauty industry but doing what? Maybe you love style but aren’t good with hair. Or maybe you are good with hair but prefer the artistry of creating signature make-up looks. The point is to really hone in on your core interests and identify the type of beauty soldier you want to be. Make a list of the career options and highlight the pros and cons in your mind of each. It will help you choose the right path to your beautiful future.

Diligently do – due diligence – Translation – do your research! Once you’ve identified what you want to do, it’s time to figure out what it takes to get there. Whether you choose cosmetology, aesthetics, nail artistry or barbering for your career path, you should be certain you understand the licensing and educational requirements necessary for your chosen profession. Armed with knowledge, you can then move on to researching the right school for you.

Get a support system in place – Whether you’re learning brain surgery or French braids, being a student requires commitment and support. If you are working full-time while you get your education and also balancing family life, it is critical to plan ahead and have a good support system in place so you can achieve the proper work/life/school balance without missing a beat.

Plan for the future of your future – Location, location, location. It’s important to think ahead to when you finish your education about where you might want to start your career and take steps to explore the area geographically and also from a financial perspective. Maybe the barbering profession is really on fire in LA but not so hot in Idaho. Or maybe you always dreamed of opening a salon in your own small town. Whatever the right answer is for you, thinking ahead about things like housing, clientele and competition can give you the best chance of knocking it out of the park from the beginning!

Embracing a New Year with new goals and challenges can be scary but ultimately will deliver tangible rewards that can change your life for the better. Renowned author, CS Lewis said it well when he said, “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” So onward to the pursuit of an exciting career in the beauty industry! You can start your pursuit by reaching out to your local state licensing board to learn more about the beauty schools and the programs offered in your area. Your dreams are only dreams until you make them into your own personal reality. So, go make your New Year’s resolution this year’s solution!