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Winter wedding trends

Top Winter 2016 Wedding Beauty Trends

A lot of brides might consider a winter wedding as desirable as wearing your mother-in-law’s puffy sleeved, giant bow on the rear wedding dress. Winter weddings can get a bad rap in general for the less than stellar conditions outside but also for the duller, dryer hair and skin wintry weather can create. Although, the same could be said of a summer wedding with sweltering heat and frizz encouraging humidity. Whatever your seasonal preference is to seal the deal with your significant other, this winter has some transcendent styles to choose from to make that special day unforgettable!

Following the: everything old is new again trends of 2016, vintage looks are not just in, they’re the name of the game and leave tons of options for an individual spin. Shades of dark, black cherry or currant lipstick and intricate updos and the classic chignon are an elegant but utterly glamourous combination!

For a touch of bride meets Bond-Girl, try a gold, smoky eye. Shimmering gold eye-shadow paired with kohl-rimmed eyes and thick lashes are boldly beautiful and will leave an unforgettable impression to mark the occasion.

Beautiful bridal hair is easy this winter season with braids of every kind accompanying brides down the aisle. Whether you prefer a French or fishtail braid elegantly falling between your shoulders or a face framing halo braid that doubles as a crown, this continuing nod to all things medieval princess is making a big statement.

If you’re a fan of accessories, the ornate hair accessory is perfect for this winter’s brides and can be as simple or complex as the bride herself. A tiara befitting a real princess, a side pinned barrette or a simple crown of flowers; choosing how to adorn your bridal-do will help you nail that unique signature look every bride wants!

If you’re looking for a dramatically undramatic style, this winter’s wedding beauty trends have you covered there too! The natural look of the dewy, purposely un-made up face is just as chic. Soft and self-confident, this look needs only a smile for the perfect look.

This winter season has beautiful looks for brides everywhere. Have you always loved being on the cutting edge of all the latest beauty trends and styles? Maybe a career in world of beauty is right for you! To learn more about the exciting opportunities the beauty industry has to offer, contact your local state licensing board for a list of the accredited schools in your area.

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born to be a cosmetologist

Top Reasons You Were Born to be a Cosmetologist

Have you always been the go to guru in your circle of friends for style tips? Do you look at total strangers and give them “make-overs” in your head? Or maybe your collection of hair products is so big, it needs its own zip code? If this sounds like you, then a career as a cosmetologist might be just right for you! Let’s face it, people want to feel good and that starts with looking good! The cosmetologists of today are skilled artists who thrive on being on the cutting edge of all the latest trends and are setting trends of their own too! So what does it take to join the ranks of beauty professionals out there changing the world, one great haircut at a time?

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Skincare Customer Laying Down

Top Signs You Have a Future in Skincare

If you’re one of those people who believes the expression beauty is skin deep means you need good cleanser, toner and moisturizer, you might have a future in skincare or esthetics! The wellness industry is an important part of the beauty industry as a whole and skilled estheticians are essential to providing the high quality skin care and esthetics services clients want. Estheticians are trained to perform a variety of services including: chemical peels, facial treatments, massage, micro-dermabrasion, eyelash extensions, make-up techniques and even hair removal. So what are some of the telltale signs you might be right for a career in skincare or esthetics?

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hairstyles for men

Top Fall Hairstyles For Men

Today’s man is just as interested in style trends as his female counterpart. Let’s face it folks, it’s a fashion forward world where we all want to stand out. So what does fall have in store for today’s trend-conscious guy?

We can tell you it’s out with the man bun and in with all things texture! Undercuts – cut in a whole new way, fades that push the envelope of what a fade is, the “Peaky Blinders” super cool undercut with a textured top… there are so many options for fall this year!  If you were born with glorious, rolling waves, you’re in luck! The slicked back Don Draper look is out and your natural hair texture is in.  The nuances are subtle… the classic long on top with a side part and short sides and back gets a makeover with some definition and a good low shine hair pomade.  The high fade that literally goes all the way to the skin is that clean look you might be craving! There are a myriad of options and everything from a wash and go style that welcomes texture to a piecey finish achieved by simple finger styling and the right product.

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Fall 2016 Hottest Hair Trends

Fall 2016 Hottest Hair Trends

This fall’s hottest hair trends are reminiscent of decades past and bring new meaning to the expression out with the old, in with the new. More like, history is repeating itself! The romantic tousled waves of seasons past has been replaced by the more masculine, sternly side-parted style and sleek wet finish and the authentic look of brushed out hair circa 1970, with just a touch of intentional frizz. Dramatically tall afros pulled back with a metallic headband and the neatly parted, tucked behind the ears held in place with a pair of barrettes, also give a nod to that 70’s style. But for fans of the 80’s punk rock phase, don’t fret! The deep side part on an asymmetrical bob will have you looking for your mom’s Flock of Seagull’s album. The 90’s have representation too in this fall’s hottest trends. The spice-girlesque double bun updo is back and better than ever! Even the hotly debated mullet made an appearance on the fashion runways this season and had us scratching our heads in curious wonder.  For fans of all things Game of Thrones, the multitude of jewel encrusted hair accessories accompanying chignons, double-plaited braids and sectioned ponytails will be just the medieval twist you were looking for!

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Makeup Trends

Top Makeup Trends for Fall 2016

Tans are fading, bikinis are packed away and suddenly another summer has come and gone. And right on cue, the beauty industry ushers in the latest fall makeup trends, reminding us that every season is another chance to reinvent ourselves. Deep and dark, bright and bold, natural and fresh…. this season’s makeup trends sound like a host of contradictions.  But to the fearless beauty aficionado, it’s a glorious array of options to choose from.

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