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manicure basics

Making a Manicure Anything but Basic

There’s something to be said for a pretty, neatly painted French manicure. But there is also something to be said for showing up at a pool party with tiny little watermelons popping at the tips of your fingers. And what that something is – is fun! It’s about to be Summer so why not change it up and give your nails a hot new look that gives onlookers something cool to look at? Check out some of our ideas for making your manicure anything but basic this season!

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Don’t Fear the Beard – Tips on How to Groom your Beard

If you are a fan of the full facial hair experience, you know that a great B.E.A.R.D. = being exceptional among regular dudes. And to truly achieve such exceptionalism, it’s essential to understand the beard, to revere the beard and most importantly, know how to care for the beard! Fortunately, this glorious ode to manliness has been around for centuries and well-groomed men everywhere can now use these easy tips to keep their beards looking absolutely epic!

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best interview look

Best Interview Look – from Hair to Makeup

Most people would agree that confidence is the most important thing you can bring to a job interview. Two essential ways to achieve that confidence and land your dream job are to look and feel your best when you walk into that interview. Let’s face it, your nerves are already on edge and figuring out how to deliver the right answers is hard enough without wondering if your potential employer is staring at the rebellious strands making their debut at the interview before you do! So don’t leave it to chance! Take some time to plan how to put your best foot, face and hair forward at your next interview. Here are some simple guidelines for being interview ready.

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2017 top hair trends spring

Hair Trends for Spring 2017

Thomas Edison once said, “When you think you’ve exhausted all possibilities, remember this…you haven’t!” This spring is offering trending hairstyles that illustrate this point beautifully and this season is all about endless possibilities at entirely opposite ends of the spectrum.

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barbershop vs salon

Barbershop vs Salon – What You Need to Know

In a time where reality TV and social media have us striving to be “selfie” ready at all times, journalist Joe Sacco said it well when he claimed that “It’s a visual world and people respond to visuals.” Yes, the desire to put our best foot (and face) forward is pretty much universal and non-gender specific. But, while    there are certainly beauty rituals both men and women share, the truth is there are distinct differences in how each achieves the look they’re after. One man’s signature style might be tied to a devilishly good looking goatee, perfectly sculpted by his barber. Whereas, a woman may choose to make her style statement by sporting a trendy two-tone ombre hair color, courtesy of her favorite hair salon. Neither is mutually exclusive and it’s not unheard of for a woman to get an edgy, shaved modern cut from a barber or for a man to get his do done up at a hair salon. After all, the barbershop and the hair salon serve essentially the same purpose overall, but which is right for your pursuit of personal style? To answer that question, let’s take a look at the major differences between the barbershop and hair salon.

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putting the man in manicure

Shore – Putting the Man in Manicure

In today’s very visual world, it seems that clothes are not the only thing that make the man. Its true gentlemen.  A man in the finest, tailored Armani suit with perfectly shined shoes and impeccably groomed hair will still elicit raised eyebrows and expressions of horror if his nails look like he just clawed his way out of a coal mine. Yes, a man needs a good manicure too. And like so many beauty treatments and trends that have become gender neutral, a good mani-pedi is not just for the ladies any more. After all, sometimes it is virtually a job requirement! For instance, have you ever looked at your doctor’s nails? Your dentist? Do you think you’d feel quite the same if they sported ragged, unkempt nails that screamed, “I don’t really care about the details.” Or how about the waiter or bartender at your favorite restaurant? Can you picture your reaction to that delicious plate of shrimp scampi or your favorite martini being delivered by a man channeling Conan the barbarian through his fingernails! Right! Enough said.

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2017 Nail Hacks

Top Nail Art Hacks for 2017

One of the nail art industry’s most successful entrepreneurs, Tammy Taylor, captured our fascination with beautiful nails best with one sentence – “your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word.” The nail art of today is a far cry from the ordinary manicure of yesterday. Even if you are not one of those lucky individuals with long, shapely nails that never seem to chip or break, you can have a perfect set for an affordable price. Multitudes of nail aficionados plan their nail look carefully for every holiday, business meeting or special event and a good nail technician inspires the kind of loyalty you typically only devote to your hair stylist! If you’re part of the DIY crowd and like to experiment with creative new looks for your digits, check out some of the latest nail art hacks and give it a whirl between visits to your favorite salon.

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2017 winter beard trends

Beards are Back – Top Winter Beard Trends in 2017

With winter upon us it’s the perfect time to talk about all that awesomeness escaping through male faces everywhere! With a fascinatingly diverse past, the beard has enjoyed equal parts widespread popularity and distaste throughout history with many cultures subscribing to the belief that – the fuller the beard, the manlier the man.  Men with a Chia-Pet like talent for bearding up on command got major props and were thought to be wiser and stronger. Today’s fans of facial hair may not garner such glory for sporting that perfect hipster beard but nonetheless, the beard is back and like many of the trends this year; the options are endless.

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Winter wedding trends

Top Winter 2016 Wedding Beauty Trends

A lot of brides might consider a winter wedding as desirable as wearing your mother-in-law’s puffy sleeved, giant bow on the rear wedding dress. Winter weddings can get a bad rap in general for the less than stellar conditions outside but also for the duller, dryer hair and skin wintry weather can create. Although, the same could be said of a summer wedding with sweltering heat and frizz encouraging humidity. Whatever your seasonal preference is to seal the deal with your significant other, this winter has some transcendent styles to choose from to make that special day unforgettable!

Following the: everything old is new again trends of 2016, vintage looks are not just in, they’re the name of the game and leave tons of options for an individual spin. Shades of dark, black cherry or currant lipstick and intricate updos and the classic chignon are an elegant but utterly glamourous combination!

For a touch of bride meets Bond-Girl, try a gold, smoky eye. Shimmering gold eye-shadow paired with kohl-rimmed eyes and thick lashes are boldly beautiful and will leave an unforgettable impression to mark the occasion.

Beautiful bridal hair is easy this winter season with braids of every kind accompanying brides down the aisle. Whether you prefer a French or fishtail braid elegantly falling between your shoulders or a face framing halo braid that doubles as a crown, this continuing nod to all things medieval princess is making a big statement.

If you’re a fan of accessories, the ornate hair accessory is perfect for this winter’s brides and can be as simple or complex as the bride herself. A tiara befitting a real princess, a side pinned barrette or a simple crown of flowers; choosing how to adorn your bridal-do will help you nail that unique signature look every bride wants!

If you’re looking for a dramatically undramatic style, this winter’s wedding beauty trends have you covered there too! The natural look of the dewy, purposely un-made up face is just as chic. Soft and self-confident, this look needs only a smile for the perfect look.

This winter season has beautiful looks for brides everywhere. Have you always loved being on the cutting edge of all the latest beauty trends and styles? Maybe a career in world of beauty is right for you! To learn more about the exciting opportunities the beauty industry has to offer, contact your local state licensing board for a list of the accredited schools in your area.

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born to be a cosmetologist

Top Reasons You Were Born to be a Cosmetologist

Have you always been the go to guru in your circle of friends for style tips? Do you look at total strangers and give them “make-overs” in your head? Or maybe your collection of hair products is so big, it needs its own zip code? If this sounds like you, then a career as a cosmetologist might be just right for you! Let’s face it, people want to feel good and that starts with looking good! The cosmetologists of today are skilled artists who thrive on being on the cutting edge of all the latest trends and are setting trends of their own too! So what does it take to join the ranks of beauty professionals out there changing the world, one great haircut at a time?

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