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Hair Trends for Spring 2017

Thomas Edison once said, “When you think you’ve exhausted all possibilities, remember this…you haven’t!” This spring is offering trending hairstyles that illustrate this point beautifully and this season is all about endless possibilities at entirely opposite ends of the spectrum.

Check out some of the latest styles making a splash this spring.

  1. All things 80’s hair – Pull out your mom’s copy of The Breakfast Club and cue up Bon Jovi to welcome back the fabulously full, permed, curled or crimped, pulled or flipped to the side and teased to maximize hair height like that of your mom’s generation.
  1. Just washed – This season loves the sleek look! The beauty of this stunning look is it gives your hair and your blow dryer a break! Simply apply gel or mouse to sleekly comb out hair, parted on the side or down the middle and finish with a gloss or hair oil to create that perfectly wet shine!
  1. You can go low – The low pony tail or bun is an extremely versatile style that would be the perfect accessory for a spring wedding with the addition of a pretty, loosely tied ribbon or a quirky hat for a day at the beach!
  1. Ultra-long and lovely – With the availability of extensions and a plethora of flat irons to choose from, you won’t be wistfully wishing for straight hair and will never have to wait for your hair to grow out to have super long, chic “Cher-esque” hair. Expect to see this look everywhere in 2017!
  1. In betweeners – Last year saw a resurgence of the much debated mullet/shag hairstyle so naturally, this year is seeing the after effects of growing out these blasts from the past. But we like it! The longer, parted down the middle bangs and sides now grazing the shoulders is surprisingly sweet and girl next door looking.
  1. Color me up – No season of hairstyle trends would be complete without color! With the introduction of the bayalage and ombre techniques, you can achieve a whole new range of colors with any degree of boldness or subtleness you choose! Carefully placed highlights around the face, funky, punky pastel colored hair, glossy, deep chocolate tones, rose gold, beige blonde roots with golden brown/blonde lengths or any of the many shades of ginger, are all on the color pallet this spring!

Whether you’re a free spirit looking for a low maintenance style, a glamour girl seeking a red carpet look or a carefully coiffed power suit type – spring 2017 has something for everyone. It’s a great time to be one of the beauty industry artists creating those looks. If you are interested in learning more about a career in cosmetology, contact your local state licensing board for a list of accredited schools in your area. Don’t wait another day to become a part of the exciting world of beauty!