What Does an Esthetician Do?

The face of the world is quite literally changing for the better, thanks to advances in skin care and the efforts of talented estheticians everywhere! It’s no secret that the beauty and wellness industry is growing at a rapid pace and licensed estheticians have more options than ever to choose from on their search for a career. It’s true! In the world of esthetics you have choices and we’re here to help you explore them.

Healthy skin is where it begins – Let’s face it, there is no better accessory than healthy, glowing skin. As a licensed esthetician, you may choose to work as a Facial and Skin Care Specialist, helping people conquer their problematic skin issues with facials, skin care regimens and a variety of other specialized treatments tailored to a particular client’s skincare needs. It’s a rewarding experience to help someone who has struggled with breakouts, blackheads and other skin issues and watch as their confidence grow right before your eyes!

Makeup artistryIf you’ve seen your mom’s prom pictures circa 1965, you know that even though blue eye shadow exists, it doesn’t mean it works on everyone. As a makeup artist, you’ll learn what works and on who! Makeup techniques and skincare go hand in hand but the sheer artistry of transforming someone’s look with the right makeup is not only rewarding, it’s fun! Makeup artists are not just dolling people up for proms and weddings, the entertainment industry is full of opportunities for talented makeup artists.

Salon or day spa esthetician – Everyone loves a visit to the spa right? As an esthetician working in a salon or spa, you’ll be giving a variety of facials, peels and other skincare treatments but you may also be applying makeup or providing waxing services if this is your specialty. That’s the beauty of the esthetics industry! You can choose to specialize in one area or several, so you’ll never be bored!

Skin care product sales – If you’ve got the gift of persuasion, you might choose to take your esthetician training down the path of product sales. Consumers are buying more beauty and skincare products than ever and it’s a great way to set your own hours and have more control over your income.

Mobile esthetician – Quite literally, you can take your show on the road!  It’s a culture of convenience today where everything from food to pet grooming can come directly to your door. As a mobile esthetician, you can build a clientele quickly who prefer to get their beauty treatment in the comfort of their own home. And if you enjoy being out and about rather than in the same office every day, this may be just right for you!

Skin Care instructor (with further education and licensing) – Do you think longingly of your days in esthetician training because you thoroughly enjoyed every minute? Maybe you’re a good communicator and love to share your passion for esthetics with others? Well, becoming an esthetics and skin care instructor is a rewarding career path that will allow you to interact with so many people and keep you up to date on all the latest and coolest skincare technology.

With so many career paths in the esthetics industry, the biggest hurdle is deciding which one. If you’d like to learn more about the world of esthetics, contact your local state licensing board for a list of schools and programs in your area. So many faces to make shine. What are you waiting for? Start your journey today!



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Easy Makeup Tips for a Busy Lifestyle

If your days tend to feel like a frenzied blur of juggling the multitude of obligations of work, family and making sure you don’t forget to feed the cat, you are not alone. So much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it, can have you desperately seeking ways to simplify your life. Despite our busy schedules, we know you still want to look your best as you navigate the craziness of your days. And you can! We’ve rounded up some easy makeup tips to help you maximize your time and look good doing it!

The eyes have it – The eyes may be the window to the soul but they are also the focal point of your face and reflect your lack of sleep more than any other feature. To achieve a well-rested look without layers of shadow, liner and more, apply a light concealer under your eyes and to your eyelids and dab with translucent powder. Apply a touch of mascara and you’ll look like you got more than the 4 hours of sleep you actually did.

Don’t get lippy – Or do! But you don’t need the multi-layers of lip liner, gloss and lipstick. Pick a good product that combines all 3, so that with a quick swipe in the morning you’ll be smile-ready in no time.

Sun-kissed in seconds – Well, self-tanner takes seconds to apply but actually develops over several hours. But if you apply it the night before, by morning you’ll look like you just got back from the beach.

Now you see it, now you don’t – Talk about quick and effective! There is nothing like a good concealer stick to “erase” the fatigue or other blemishes from your face. Dab in on over dark circles or red spots then gently smooth it in and you’ll look rested and unblemished in seconds!

Bolstered by bronzer – Another quick way to get a more sun-kissed look is to apply a sweep of bronzer across your cheeks. Use a make-up brush to contour the bronzer over your cheekbones, forehead and lightly over your eyelids and nose for an overall warm blush look.

Life can often feel like it’s moving at a frantic pace.  Keeping it together while you put your best face forward may sometimes feel like a tall order. But with a little effort and some of the tips above, you can win the rat race of your daily grind with confidence. Makeup is a fine art and skilled makeup artists can transform faces and lives with their talents. If you’ve always loved experimenting with makeup and creating signature looks, you might be the perfect candidate for a future in makeup artistry. It’s an exciting industry full of opportunities. Makeup artists find careers in the entertainment industry or freelance work at events like weddings, galas and proms. Or perhaps working in a salon or even opening your own salon! The possibilities are endless. To learn more about a career as a makeup artist, contact your local state licensing board for a list of beauty schools and the programs offered in your area. You get to decide what the make-up of your future will be!

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Now Trending: Holiday Party Looks

Tis the season for parties, potlucks, cocktails and cheer! And with all the fun and festivities, the hunt for the perfect holiday party look is on and you’re going to want to find the one that makes you sparkle just a little big brighter this holiday season. After all, making unforgettable memories starts with an unforgettable look! Check out some of the hottest holiday looks sweeping through office parties and events everywhere.

Take it from the top – Because, shouldn’t your crowning glory be, well, your crowning glory? This season has several options when it comes to holiday hair.

  • Perfectly imperfect waves – Long, loosely tousled waves are stirring up holiday heat this season. Perfect for the revelers who are not feeling the neat and tidy chignon and other more put together styles, this relaxed, yet feminine style is always trendy. You can do a side part and drape your tousled waves forward over one shoulder for a sultry, glamorous look.
  • Speaking of neat and tidy – You didn’t think the carefully coifed chignon or a huge, high bun wouldn’t be making an appearance at this year’s holiday table did you? It is and it is big, in every sense! This take on a classic topknot is elegant and bold.
  • Holiday hair with a twist – Think of a librarian crossed with a royal princess and opt for a classy, low french twist with a delicate sweep of longish bangs to one side.

Give good face – You’ve picked out your party wear and worked out the party hair, but what about that face? Get ready to shimmer and shine because the eyes, lips and faces of this season are lighting up the night!

  • Cranberry is saucy – Nothing says holiday like deep, cranberry red lips with a glossy sheen. Paired with lushly mascara-coated lashes, this look is a show- stopper!
  • Silver and gold – Gold, silver, copper… metallic shimmer is magic and you can create a smoky eye or a futuristic icy stare, depending on your mood and choice of shadow. But as long as it shines and shimmers, it’s a great option for your holiday look!
  • The eye “brows” have it – The finely tweezed, sparse brow that is merely an underline above the eye has lost its allure next to a full, brushed up brow. This more natural look really sings with a brightly painted fuchsia or cherry red matte lipstick.

It really is a wonderful time of year to reinvent your look and make this holiday season unforgettable! And for those among us who love to create signature styles for themselves and others, it’s a time to get inspired! If this sounds like you, let your inspiration guide you and explore the possibilities of a future in cosmetology! The beauty industry is growing and skilled cosmetologists are in demand. To learn more about Cosmetology and the licensing requirements in your area, contact your local state licensing board for a list of beauty schools near you.

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summer makeup trends

Top Summer Make-up Trends for 2017

Maybe it’s the gloriously warm sun or the blissfully long summer days, but there’s definitely something about summer that brings out our desire to shine more than any other season! Ready or not, summer is here, and as you put away your parkas and pull out your flip-flops, you’re probably considering what you want your summer style to be.  Fortunately, the options are as plentiful as sand on the beach! So whether you’re the daytime beach goer, summer night on the town type, or both – this summer season has hot trends that are as natural or nurtured as you want them to be!

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Makeup Trends

Top Makeup Trends for Fall 2016

Tans are fading, bikinis are packed away and suddenly another summer has come and gone. And right on cue, the beauty industry ushers in the latest fall makeup trends, reminding us that every season is another chance to reinvent ourselves. Deep and dark, bright and bold, natural and fresh…. this season’s makeup trends sound like a host of contradictions.  But to the fearless beauty aficionado, it’s a glorious array of options to choose from.

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