best interview look

Best Interview Look – from Hair to Makeup

Most people would agree that confidence is the most important thing you can bring to a job interview. Two essential ways to achieve that confidence and land your dream job are to look and feel your best when you walk into that interview. Let’s face it, your nerves are already on edge and figuring out how to deliver the right answers is hard enough without wondering if your potential employer is staring at the rebellious strands making their debut at the interview before you do! So don’t leave it to chance! Take some time to plan how to put your best foot, face and hair forward at your next interview. Here are some simple guidelines for being interview ready.

  • Know your audience – If you are interviewing for a job as a teacher at a primary school, it’s probably best not to arrive adorned in a mini-skirt and bright red lipstick. Or if you’re a guy, decked out in your favorite rocker t-shirt showing off your newly minted sleeve of tattoos. You may be quite proud of it but consider how your look will be perceived. It may not be fair but many people form an instant impression based on appearance. But on the flip side, if you’re going after a corporate position in a shark-tank like business, bright red lipstick paired with a neatly tailored power suit says, powerful confidence. So be aware of your audience and what may or may not be expected in a dress code and plan for it.
  • Comfort is key – One way to feel uncomfortable during an interview, is to actually be uncomfortable. Wear clothes that are not constraining and shoes that are stylish but comfortable to wear. Ladies, steer clear of stiletto heels if you are not accustomed to wearing them and both men and women should choose clothing that is climate appropriate to avoid being too hot or cold during the interview.
  • Steer clear of experimenting – This is not the time to try out trendy new fads. When it comes to makeup in particular, stick to what you know is flattering without being overdramatic. You want them to remember you, not the cobalt blue eyeliner, or the down to your navel hipster beard you decided to try out.
  • Ladies, do wear makeup – But keep it simple and highlight what you see as your best feature without over stating it. Apply a light dusting of blush or bronzer to warm up your cheeks and use a sheer foundation to smooth out any imperfections without piling it on too thick.
  • Keep hair classic – Just like makeup, use a “less is more” philosophy and avoid a too formal or too relaxed look. Use a touch of hair serum to keep frizz or fly aways at bay and be sure you aren’t in desperate need of a root touch up. If you are rocking an ombre style, be sure it’s clear that is what it is and not just that you didn’t get your roots done.
  • Details matter – Whether you are a guy or a gal, make sure you pay attention to the details. Like your nails, facial hair and eyebrows. Neatly groomed is a plus no matter what job you’re interviewing for. From the handshake to the eye contact, don’t give them anything to think about other than how fabulous you are!

Striking the right balance with your interview look just takes a little planning and you’ll be landing that dream job without breaking a sweat! If you’ve ever thought about being one of the special stylists out there making the rest of us not just “interview ready,” but looking good for any occasion, you should, check out the opportunities the beauty industry has to offer! To learn about accredited cosmetology schools in your area, contact your local state licensing board for more information.

You can be the one helping someone create their best first impression!