2017 winter beard trends

Beards are Back – Top Winter Beard Trends in 2017

With winter upon us it’s the perfect time to talk about all that awesomeness escaping through male faces everywhere! With a fascinatingly diverse past, the beard has enjoyed equal parts widespread popularity and distaste throughout history with many cultures subscribing to the belief that – the fuller the beard, the manlier the man.  Men with a Chia-Pet like talent for bearding up on command got major props and were thought to be wiser and stronger. Today’s fans of facial hair may not garner such glory for sporting that perfect hipster beard but nonetheless, the beard is back and like many of the trends this year; the options are endless.

The Short-Long Game

For those of you who cringe at the ZZ-Top beard of the 80’s, not to worry! The shorter-long beard will have them weak in the knees faster than you can say “Sons of Anarchy.” This style follows the shape of the face with sharply shaped lines on the cheek to contrast with the unruly growth below the chin, finishing up with no more than 2 inches of length. If you are one of those men who gaze longingly into the mirror at your patchy peach fuzz, willing it to grow, this style may be tough to pull off since it only works for the beardly blessed.

Get Shorty

If you’re looking for a more sculpted look and don’t mind a bit more maintenance, the short beard is a great option. More adaptable in terms of face shape, the key here is regular trims with a good quality trimmer to keep an overall well-defined look.

A Beard’s Best Friend

Is a moustache? Is a beard a beard without a moustache? Kinda like salt and pepper or chocolate and vanilla in that sometimes you want them together and sometimes not; a moustache can be a great accompaniment to your beard. Keeping it neatly shaped to your upper lip and combed to keep any stray     bristles from going rogue is essential.

Only the Shadow Knows

Perfect for a chiseled or fuller, rounder face, the five o’clock shadow, has had women swooning for decades! This pseudo-beard won’t disappoint but will require good skin care to avoid ingrown hairs or a shaving rash. Because a stubble beard means shaving closer to the skin, be sure to sanitize beard guards and the actual razor, otherwise it could pick up bacteria and cause irritation.

So if you are among the folks who think “a man without a beard is like a lion without a mane,” there are plenty of styles to choose from for the perfect facial expression! Have you always enjoyed trying new styles and know the correct number on the clippers for every length and look?  Maybe a career in the barbering industry is right for you! Check out accredited schools in your area to learn more about a career as a professional barber.