2018 Spring Hair Trends

One of the best ways to keep up with rapidly changing style trends in the land of all things beauty-related; is to acknowledge one simple rule of thumb. Everything old is often new again. It’s true! And when it comes to the evolution of hairstyle trends, we’ve witnessed to everything from the man-bun of recent years, to perms that would make your poodle jealous, to the much lauded and loathed mullet circa ’84!  Hairstyles come and go, and then come and go – again, sometimes with a new twist! Check out some hair trends making their debut (or should we say return) on the runway and salons everywhere!

Keep it classy…and curly – Pay attention if you have corkscrew kinks that keep you indoors when the humidity rises above 1%! Pack away the flat iron and embrace the curls you were born with! This “love the curly, natural look” is here to stay. For now… so enjoy the low-maintenance of letting the curls fall where they may while you can.

A darker shade of pale – Or should we say, a darker shade than platinum?  The hot go-to blonde this year is warmer and darker at the roots for a more honey tone than white blonde, which is notoriously difficult to maintain.

Practically antique accessories – Ok, maybe not quite antique but hair accessories from several past decades are making a comeback. The Breakfast at Tiffany’sheadscarf reeks of old Hollywood glamour! Or the – it’s not “just for putting on make-up” any more headband.  This one will have you channeling Doris Day and looking for old Mary Tyler Moore reruns! And lest we leave out one of the more recent hair generations, the scrunchie is making a resurgence! And why not? Who doesn’t love a soft, comfy way to pull your tangled mess into some semblance of order?

A little silver frost – We said everything old eventually become new again, didn’t we? In this case, silver hair is not because you didn’t see your colorist recently. It’s deliberate and we love it! Shiny, metallic silver is hot and any-age appropriate.

So whether you’re 16 or 60 years old, have a little fun and try out a new or recently returned hairstyle! And if your favorite trend hasn’t re-emerged yet, don’t worry, cause we’re betting it will get a turn in one of the next evolutions of style.  Are you intrigued by the ever-evolving beauty trends and the latest hairstyles? If so, put your intrigue to work for you and consider a future in the rapidly growing beauty industry! There are a ton of career paths in the beauty industry and cosmetology is just one of them! For more information on the programs and beauty schools in your area, contact your local state licensing board. Join the talented artists making the rest of the world look good every day and getting paid to do it!

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The Rise of Women in the Barbering Industry

Today’s increasingly gender-neutral world is changing the face of many historically male dominated professions and the workplace has evolved to welcome women into formerly uncharted territory. Women are joining the police force, the military and yes, the one place you may never have thought you’d see a woman. The barber shop. And not just behind the chair. Women around the world are stepping into the local barbershop as barbers and patrons. And they’re taking the field by storm. You might ask yourself why now? Why forego the long-standing tradition of women in the beauty salon and men at the barbershop? To understand the rise of women in the barbering industry, let’s break it down.

Why would a woman choose to be a barber rather than a cosmetologist? While both careers require licensing in most states, barbering certainly has a different and more specific array of services. And for women who enjoy wielding clippers and a straight razor more than a flat iron and a blow dryer, (although a barber does use a blow dryer at times too) barbering may have a stronger appeal. Or perhaps you’re just a woman who has always been a guy’s girl, one of the boys or simply prefer to work amongst men. It all comes down to personal preference.

Regardless of the reasons more women are joining the barbering industry, one major reason their presence has substantially grown is because men are digging it. Ever heard the term “man-handled?” Kind of self-explanatory and let’s face it, a lot of men like a softer touch. It’s also important to note that with male beauty products and care becoming an increasingly large part of the beauty industry as a whole, the demand for barbers who can deliver on making guys look and feel their best is on the rise. Where there is demand, there is opportunity. And not only are women making the most of those opportunities but the ones who prefer a less traditionally feminine haircut are seeking out barbers to achieve the style that works for them.

It’s a brave new world in barbering with room for everyone and the talented women ready to give you a great shave or the perfect fade are definitely breaking down all the barriers. So the next time you walk in to your local barbershop, embrace the change and don’t be afraid to trust your next cut to one of the girls. You just might like it! For more information on barbering schools or programs offered in your local area, contact your state licensing board for a list of schools near you.

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