When winter makes its annual debut, it brings the cold but also brings all things comforting and cozy.  So whether you are getting ready for a Saturday night on the town or getting ready to hunker down and weather a winter storm, you’ll be looking for a hairstyle that is fuss free and fabulous! Check out some of these easy winter hairstyles heating things up this season.

Less is more – Forego the long tresses this winter in favor of a cute and cool pixie cut. It’s certainly fuss free and can be easily styled to last with a good molding paste. Depending on your preference, this style can be sweet and feminine or edgy with a little rock star flair.

Bring on the bubbly – We don’t actually mean champagne. The bubble ponytail is easy and will have you channeling your inner Disney princess! Start with a high ponytail and space elastic bands evenly from the top to the bottom pulling each side of a section out to create a full, rounded effect.

Swept away – What could be easier than simply sweeping all your lovely locks back from your face with a headband? Sleek and straight or curly and full, this style allows your full facial features to shine.  You can dress it up with a more ornate headband for a glamour girl feel.

Handcuffed to style – You’ll feel anything but imprisoned by this style accessory. Tiny, decorative hair cuffs carefully placed up and down multiple braids or one larger cuff wrapped around a braided bun or chignon are fun and funky.

Somewhere in the middle – Actually, exactly in the middle is where it’s at with this easy style. Short or long hair, a crisp, parted down the middle style can be worn sleek, curly or somewhere in between. The side part is still in but the classic center part never really goes out of style.

The big bang theory – We’re not talking science here folks. Bangs! Long, parted down the middle bangs, short, fringe bangs or parted on the side-swept bangs are all great go-tos and can be paired with a simple ponytail or  neat, tidy bun to achieve a casual or event ready look.

Winter may not be everyone’s favorite season but it sure would be hard to appreciate spring without it. There’s never a bad time to try out a new look.  So embrace our frostiest season and have a little fun with your style!  And if you’re one of those style gurus who not only love the latest trends, but love creating them too, maybe a career in the beauty industry is right for you!

There are great cosmetology programs all over the country helping aspiring artists just like you get the training they need to become licensed cosmetologists. Check out your local state licensing board for information on cosmetology schools in your area. Don’t wait another day to start doing what you love for a living and join the exciting world of beauty.

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