manicure basics

Making a Manicure Anything but Basic

There’s something to be said for a pretty, neatly painted French manicure. But there is also something to be said for showing up at a pool party with tiny little watermelons popping at the tips of your fingers. And what that something is – is fun! It’s about to be Summer so why not change it up and give your nails a hot new look that gives onlookers something cool to look at? Check out some of our ideas for making your manicure anything but basic this season!

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Don’t Fear the Beard – Tips on How to Groom your Beard

If you are a fan of the full facial hair experience, you know that a great B.E.A.R.D. = being exceptional among regular dudes. And to truly achieve such exceptionalism, it’s essential to understand the beard, to revere the beard and most importantly, know how to care for the beard! Fortunately, this glorious ode to manliness has been around for centuries and well-groomed men everywhere can now use these easy tips to keep their beards looking absolutely epic!

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