2017 Nail Hacks

Top Nail Art Hacks for 2017

One of the nail art industry’s most successful entrepreneurs, Tammy Taylor, captured our fascination with beautiful nails best with one sentence – “your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word.” The nail art of today is a far cry from the ordinary manicure of yesterday. Even if you are not one of those lucky individuals with long, shapely nails that never seem to chip or break, you can have a perfect set for an affordable price. Multitudes of nail aficionados plan their nail look carefully for every holiday, business meeting or special event and a good nail technician inspires the kind of loyalty you typically only devote to your hair stylist! If you’re part of the DIY crowd and like to experiment with creative new looks for your digits, check out some of the latest nail art hacks and give it a whirl between visits to your favorite salon.

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2017 winter beard trends

Beards are Back – Top Winter Beard Trends in 2017

With winter upon us it’s the perfect time to talk about all that awesomeness escaping through male faces everywhere! With a fascinatingly diverse past, the beard has enjoyed equal parts widespread popularity and distaste throughout history with many cultures subscribing to the belief that – the fuller the beard, the manlier the man.  Men with a Chia-Pet like talent for bearding up on command got major props and were thought to be wiser and stronger. Today’s fans of facial hair may not garner such glory for sporting that perfect hipster beard but nonetheless, the beard is back and like many of the trends this year; the options are endless.

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