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Easy Winter Hairstyles you will love!

When winter makes its annual debut, it brings the cold but also brings all things comforting and cozy.  So whether you are getting ready for a Saturday night on the town or getting ready to hunker down and weather a winter storm, you’ll be looking for a hairstyle that is fuss free and fabulous! Check out some of these easy winter hairstyles heating things up this season.

Less is more – Forego the long tresses this winter in favor of a cute and cool pixie cut. It’s certainly fuss free and can be easily styled to last with a good molding paste. Depending on your preference, this style can be sweet and feminine or edgy with a little rock star flair.

Bring on the bubbly – We don’t actually mean champagne. The bubble ponytail is easy and will have you channeling your inner Disney princess! Start with a high ponytail and space elastic bands evenly from the top to the bottom pulling each side of a section out to create a full, rounded effect.

Swept away – What could be easier than simply sweeping all your lovely locks back from your face with a headband? Sleek and straight or curly and full, this style allows your full facial features to shine.  You can dress it up with a more ornate headband for a glamour girl feel.

Handcuffed to style – You’ll feel anything but imprisoned by this style accessory. Tiny, decorative hair cuffs carefully placed up and down multiple braids or one larger cuff wrapped around a braided bun or chignon are fun and funky.

Somewhere in the middle – Actually, exactly in the middle is where it’s at with this easy style. Short or long hair, a crisp, parted down the middle style can be worn sleek, curly or somewhere in between. The side part is still in but the classic center part never really goes out of style.

The big bang theory – We’re not talking science here folks. Bangs! Long, parted down the middle bangs, short, fringe bangs or parted on the side-swept bangs are all great go-tos and can be paired with a simple ponytail or  neat, tidy bun to achieve a casual or event ready look.

Winter may not be everyone’s favorite season but it sure would be hard to appreciate spring without it. There’s never a bad time to try out a new look.  So embrace our frostiest season and have a little fun with your style!  And if you’re one of those style gurus who not only love the latest trends, but love creating them too, maybe a career in the beauty industry is right for you!

There are great cosmetology programs all over the country helping aspiring artists just like you get the training they need to become licensed cosmetologists. Check out your local state licensing board for information on cosmetology schools in your area. Don’t wait another day to start doing what you love for a living and join the exciting world of beauty.

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It’s a New Year! Who will you be in it?

Some say the secret to getting ahead is just getting started. And many of us start on New Year’s Eve with a resolution – to lose weight, give up smoking, start a new career or a myriad of other things with the goal of, well, reaching our goal! Maybe you’ve always dreamed of working in the exciting world of beauty, but didn’t know were to start? Well, there’s no better time to dive in than on the cusp of a whole new set of 365 days to get it right! So, if your New Year’s resolution is to change your life by doing something you love for a living, we’ve got some suggestions for mapping out the perfect strategy to reaching your goals and making this the year of a whole new you!

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Now Trending: Holiday Party Looks

Tis the season for parties, potlucks, cocktails and cheer! And with all the fun and festivities, the hunt for the perfect holiday party look is on and you’re going to want to find the one that makes you sparkle just a little big brighter this holiday season. After all, making unforgettable memories starts with an unforgettable look! Check out some of the hottest holiday looks sweeping through office parties and events everywhere.

Take it from the top – Because, shouldn’t your crowning glory be, well, your crowning glory? This season has several options when it comes to holiday hair.

  • Perfectly imperfect waves – Long, loosely tousled waves are stirring up holiday heat this season. Perfect for the revelers who are not feeling the neat and tidy chignon and other more put together styles, this relaxed, yet feminine style is always trendy. You can do a side part and drape your tousled waves forward over one shoulder for a sultry, glamorous look.
  • Speaking of neat and tidy – You didn’t think the carefully coifed chignon or a huge, high bun wouldn’t be making an appearance at this year’s holiday table did you? It is and it is big, in every sense! This take on a classic topknot is elegant and bold.
  • Holiday hair with a twist – Think of a librarian crossed with a royal princess and opt for a classy, low french twist with a delicate sweep of longish bangs to one side.

Give good face – You’ve picked out your party wear and worked out the party hair, but what about that face? Get ready to shimmer and shine because the eyes, lips and faces of this season are lighting up the night!

  • Cranberry is saucy – Nothing says holiday like deep, cranberry red lips with a glossy sheen. Paired with lushly mascara-coated lashes, this look is a show- stopper!
  • Silver and gold – Gold, silver, copper… metallic shimmer is magic and you can create a smoky eye or a futuristic icy stare, depending on your mood and choice of shadow. But as long as it shines and shimmers, it’s a great option for your holiday look!
  • The eye “brows” have it – The finely tweezed, sparse brow that is merely an underline above the eye has lost its allure next to a full, brushed up brow. This more natural look really sings with a brightly painted fuchsia or cherry red matte lipstick.

It really is a wonderful time of year to reinvent your look and make this holiday season unforgettable! And for those among us who love to create signature styles for themselves and others, it’s a time to get inspired! If this sounds like you, let your inspiration guide you and explore the possibilities of a future in cosmetology! The beauty industry is growing and skilled cosmetologists are in demand. To learn more about Cosmetology and the licensing requirements in your area, contact your local state licensing board for a list of beauty schools near you.

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Top Ways to Ruin Your Hair

Top Ways You Are Ruining Your Hair

Many people are the victim of their own crime when it comes to their hair and often inflict upon themselves perfectly avoidable damage by not knowing the do’s and don’ts of good hair care practices. Fortunately, you can arm yourself with knowledge about how to prevent damage to your hair and if you heed a few simple tips, you can keep yourself from committing the ultimate crime of self-inflicted permanent bad hair days.

  1. Change it up Before it Changes on You! Certain styles that constrict the hair follicle such as a ponytail or a bun, can cause extra stress on your hair due to the unnatural tension. Try to avoid tight rubber band accessories and a style that tightly grips your hair day after day. This can cause hair follicles to split or break and create frizzy, unhealthy hair. It’s ok to throw that hair in a soft scrunchie that is a little easier on the hair, but let your hair breathe in between to keep it looking healthy.
  2. You Snooze you Lose! That is, don’t snooze with a wet head. Before going to bed make sure your hair is completely dry. Not only will your hair dry in a strange shape, going to sleep with wet or damp hair leaves you more vulnerable to dandruff.
  3. Poolside Problems- As we know, chlorine can be public enemy #1 for your hair. Not only does it dry out your hair but any highlights or dye can be altered from being in contact with that summer swimming fun. Always give your hair a rinse after you take a dip in the pool. One preventative measure you can take is lathering your hair with some hair oil or coconut oil before swimming, which acts as a shield and can keep the majority of harmful chemicals out.
  4. Blowout Boundaries- Many hairstylists tend to be time crunched and may be rushing your blowout; therefore, using high heat to speed up the process. Be sure that your stylist isn’t a jam-packed one where this could be an issue. Bringing your own hair thermal protection can save the day also.
  5. Touch-up Tendencies- When drying your own hair, most tend to go all the way to the ends every time. Doing this can dehydrate your hair which can result in an unnatural blend of color. Preventative measures can be applying conditioner where you wish to stop to prevent the dye from running.
  6. Under the UV- Sunscreen in the hair is crucial for your days at the beach or pool but you should make it a habit to do this more frequently no matter what you’re doing. Believe it or not any and all light can be damaging to your hair. This includes the sun, being near any windows or even the lights in your office or house. Stay protected to avoid lightening of your hair color.
  7. Protein Mask Mishaps- Although protein masks are fantastic for repairing hair, be sure to keep a good balance between protein and moisture. Too much of just protein can leave your hair fragile.

If you were enlightened on harmful hair care situations, it’s never too late to turn things around. Be sure with this summer in full heat you’re prepared to protect your hair. If you want to be on top of your hair game and are open to endless learning about beauty and cosmetology, contact your local state licensing board to find a school that suits you. Stay fresh, stay clean, and most importantly, stay on top of your game!

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summer makeup trends

Top Summer Make-up Trends for 2017

Maybe it’s the gloriously warm sun or the blissfully long summer days, but there’s definitely something about summer that brings out our desire to shine more than any other season! Ready or not, summer is here, and as you put away your parkas and pull out your flip-flops, you’re probably considering what you want your summer style to be.  Fortunately, the options are as plentiful as sand on the beach! So whether you’re the daytime beach goer, summer night on the town type, or both – this summer season has hot trends that are as natural or nurtured as you want them to be!

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manicure basics

Making a Manicure Anything but Basic

There’s something to be said for a pretty, neatly painted French manicure. But there is also something to be said for showing up at a pool party with tiny little watermelons popping at the tips of your fingers. And what that something is – is fun! It’s about to be Summer so why not change it up and give your nails a hot new look that gives onlookers something cool to look at? Check out some of our ideas for making your manicure anything but basic this season!

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Don’t Fear the Beard – Tips on How to Groom your Beard

If you are a fan of the full facial hair experience, you know that a great B.E.A.R.D. = being exceptional among regular dudes. And to truly achieve such exceptionalism, it’s essential to understand the beard, to revere the beard and most importantly, know how to care for the beard! Fortunately, this glorious ode to manliness has been around for centuries and well-groomed men everywhere can now use these easy tips to keep their beards looking absolutely epic!

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best interview look

Best Interview Look – from Hair to Makeup

Most people would agree that confidence is the most important thing you can bring to a job interview. Two essential ways to achieve that confidence and land your dream job are to look and feel your best when you walk into that interview. Let’s face it, your nerves are already on edge and figuring out how to deliver the right answers is hard enough without wondering if your potential employer is staring at the rebellious strands making their debut at the interview before you do! So don’t leave it to chance! Take some time to plan how to put your best foot, face and hair forward at your next interview. Here are some simple guidelines for being interview ready.

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2017 top hair trends spring

Hair Trends for Spring 2017

Thomas Edison once said, “When you think you’ve exhausted all possibilities, remember this…you haven’t!” This spring is offering trending hairstyles that illustrate this point beautifully and this season is all about endless possibilities at entirely opposite ends of the spectrum.

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barbershop vs salon

Barbershop vs Salon – What You Need to Know

In a time where reality TV and social media have us striving to be “selfie” ready at all times, journalist Joe Sacco said it well when he claimed that “It’s a visual world and people respond to visuals.” Yes, the desire to put our best foot (and face) forward is pretty much universal and non-gender specific. But, while    there are certainly beauty rituals both men and women share, the truth is there are distinct differences in how each achieves the look they’re after. One man’s signature style might be tied to a devilishly good looking goatee, perfectly sculpted by his barber. Whereas, a woman may choose to make her style statement by sporting a trendy two-tone ombre hair color, courtesy of her favorite hair salon. Neither is mutually exclusive and it’s not unheard of for a woman to get an edgy, shaved modern cut from a barber or for a man to get his do done up at a hair salon. After all, the barbershop and the hair salon serve essentially the same purpose overall, but which is right for your pursuit of personal style? To answer that question, let’s take a look at the major differences between the barbershop and hair salon.

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